26 May 2006
Racket Club Studio Podcast : Album Number 14 Begins
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This is not your average eWeb... This is the announcement of Marillion's maiden Podcast voyage! Marillion have been jamming song ideas since the beginning of 2006 and have now come up with a short-list of contenders for the next studio album. Coming to you direct from the live room at the Racket Club studio with Mark Kelly, Ian Mosley, Pete Trewavas, Mike Hunter, and the Racket Records Peanut Gallery.
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Other important facts to know: you don't need an iPod to download the Podcast, and you don't even need iTunes to get it. Many other media players and free downloads will allow you to subscribe to Podcast RSS feeds - we'll leave it up to you to choose which one is right for you. You can also link directly to the MP3 file without subscribing to the Podcast - just visit www.marillion.com/news and click the 'journal & archive' link - all Podcasts will be archived here and direct file links will always be provided via our website.
We hope this email isn't TOO technical for you, and enjoy our first-ever Podcast... there will be plenty more to come!
Please note that the Marillion Online Podacst may contain strong language from the start which some listeners may find offensive.