5 May 2006
Weekend 2007 Selling Fast
Whey hey! ..and hello to you all ..we need your help!
We are already running DANGEROUSLY short of accommodation at CenterParcs Holland for the Marillion Weekend 2007.
Why? Too many guests have chosen the option to not share their accommodation, and now we have reached a point where only another 200-or-so people can attend the convention.. Which is not as many people can attend as we hoped, because now our capacity is greatly reduced. This is basically.. TRAGIC.
So - we are asking if any of you who have already booked and have asked not to share would kindly reconsider. Just think, it would save you paying the supplements and also you would enjoy the convention more - no point or pleasure in a half-empty venue!
Most importantly any 2 people in a 4-berth paying supplements (and 4 in a 6-berth and so on) we really, REALLY need you to share. Also, if you booked a 4-berth for 4 people and said "no sharing," please let us know if you would consider upgrading to a 6-berth and share and then we can free up your 4-berth accommodation.
You can request to share with a certain nationality or gender - just let us know. We will also introduce sharing parties via email over the summer so that you can get to know each other. Many lasting and world-wide friendships have been born at previous Weekends, and these people have now chosen to reunite and share together at this 2007 Weekend.
So please email convention@marillionweekend.com as soon as you can to help out your fellow fans.
..And while we're on the subject of sharing and being friends, we have just recently launched the Official Marillion page on MySpace - so head on over to www.myspace.com/marillion and be our friends, leave us a message, and stick our tunes on your profile. If you don't know what MySpace is all about, set up a profile and have a browse around. It is terribly addictive..
Ahh..! The big love thing rules..
H, Mark, Ian, Pete and Steve