6 March 2006
The Weekend Starts Tomorrow
We knew the March Madness sale would be popular - but not THIS popular. Wow!
We're packing and shipping the orders as fast as we can, trying our best to keep up with our speedy reputation, but can hardly keep stock on the shelves before it starts flying out again. If you haven't checked out the massive sale at Racket Records yet, don't miss out - supplies of many items are already running low or already sold out! Once it's gone, it's gone - we're clearing the shelves to make room for the new releases this year.
We kept our promise last week to ship on the first day, so a lot of you will already have the latest new releases. We're hearing great things about the "Colours and Sound" documentary - although have noticed most of you have yet to even REACH the second disc of extras! "Unzipped (The Making of Anoraknophobia)" has also been flying out.
Full details on the sale, special offers, and all the new releases are available at www.marillion.com/shop
But now the important reminder: the Marillion Weekend 2007 will go on sale tomorrow, Tuesday 7th March, 2006. More importantly, though, this Early Booking Period is ONLY for members of the official Web fan clubs.
If you're not a member (and receiving this eWeb newsletter does not necessarily mean you are a paying member of a Web club!) then tickets will not be available to you until 3rd April, 2006. If you want to book early and are not a member, head over to www.marillion.com/web for a full list of websites and contact details for ALL our Web fan clubs.
Full details on the Marillion Weekend 2007 (including dates, location, contact details, questions and answers, pricing events, facilities, and more...) - and, of course, the booking forms! - are all available at www.marillionweekend.com