6 February 2006
Marillion Weekend 2007
It's February, and as promised, the Marillion Weekend 2007 website is now up and running!
Here you will find all the details of the Marillion Weekend 2007 - our first Weekend outside the UK. As we're still a year away from the event, there are some holes that will be filled in throughout the year, but we've tried to answer as many common questions as possible, and also provide as much information we have at this time.
Bookings for the Marillion Weekend 2007 will not begin until 6 March 2006 for Official Web Fan Club members only, and 3 April for general bookings - we're just giving you the information a month in advance in case there are any questions you may need answered before booking your ticket.
We'll leave you to have a surf there, but look our for more info soon about the H Natural tour, the Colours and Sound documentary DVD, and the Making of Anoraknophobia CD - all coming within the next month!