9 November 2005
Racket Stocking Stuffers
This time next week, we'll have already played the warm-up show for the Not Quite Xmas Tour at the Aylesbury Civic. It's a bit hectic at the Racket Club - we're dusting off a few surprises for the tour while our team of elves are getting ready for the Christmas rush... so it's over to them for the latest updates.
The Marillion wall calendar is back again - this year Carl Glover has designed the 2006 calendar, and returned to artwork selections from studio, live, and Racket releases. You can preview the whole calendar at www.marillion.com/shop/calendar.htm
Special limited-edition 'vinyl replica' CDs of the first 6 EMI studio and live albums were released recently in Japan only - but we have managed to get hold of a small number of these for sale direct through Racket Records. We have also manufactured Medium sizes of all our 'remastered' album t-shirts due to popular demand (and have dropped prices on several Marbles shirts as well!).
The few remaining copies of the "You're Gone" remix 12" vinyl single are also available as are the "Don't Hurt Yourself" single bundles... And in time for the holidays, all our Racket Records single DVDs have been dropped in price to 10 pounds, as well as lowered prices on most of the other items across the catalogue.
The complete Racket Records catalogue (including all the items mentioned in this eWeb) is online at www.marillion.com/shop
We've also updated the website with our 'last posting deadlines' and ordering information to make sure you get your gift orders placed in time! Head over to www.marillion.com/help/orderinfo.htm#xmas for this important information and all deadlines.
...And a final reminder that tickets for all UK gigs will go off sale from Racket Records this Friday (alternate ticket information will be provided on www.marillion.com/tour when tickets go off sale)
The Racket Elves