27 October 2005
Marbles Live
Earlier this week, the new "Marbles Live" album hit the shelves in retail shops across the UK and Europe. This 1-CD release is taken from the "Marbles on the Road" DVD soundtrack, and features the "Marbles" portion of the set, plus the encore 'Estonia'. So many of you were raving about how great the sound on the DVD was, we decided to listen to you and get it out there - and it should be 'budget priced' as well, so won't cost an arm and a leg!
You can get more information on this release from www.marillion.com/music/albums/marbles-live.htm - but it's worth mentioning that Racket Records will NOT be selling this title - you can ONLY get it from retail shops across the UK and Europe... for our overseas fans, there are plenty of online retailers that will ship outside of Europe, so don't worry, you should be able to get hold of it!
At the same time, we have also released "Marbles by the Sea" - and THIS one is ONLY available from Racket Records! This live double-CD is the complete live performance of the full double album version of Marbles (yes, including Ocean Cloud!), recorded earlier this year at the Marillion Weekend 2005. Track list and ordering for "Marbles by the Sea" is available at www.marillion.com/music/racket/bythesea.htm
We just finished recording the band commentary track for the 'Colours and Sound' documentary DVD yesterday (which should be out some time early next year) and are now setting up to rehearse for the Not Quite Christmas Tour. Several shows have already sold out, and tickets are running low for the rest - this is probably the last time we'll be playing live until late next year, so we hope to see you there!