21 October 2005
Open Call For Clips
Hello loves. Mr h here.
Good news! We're going to release a new single early in the New Year (hurrah!) Now while we can't give you specific details (where we are releasing it, what's it called, etc.) for a few more weeks, we are going to need a video and, in the spirit of keeping it in the family, we have a little favour to ask of you...
We'd like YOU to shoot the video.
We'd like to make an abstract video, a creative experiment which involves as many of our fans as possible.
What we need is for you to go out (or stay in) with your video camera, digital camera, or even your camera phone, and shoot anything which you personally think is interesting or beautiful. You may already have some video sitting on a shelf which you think is interesting.. Holiday stuff might be good (views of aeroplanes or from aeroplane windows would be nice) or cityscapes, traffic, countryside, beaches - anything great. Weird and peculiar is also good. Simply use your imagination.
All we really need is a MAXIMUM of 3 minutes from each of you in whatever format you have it. Please try to send us only the very best moments as we won't have time to trawl through an hour (much less 3 minutes!) of video from each of you. You don't even have to be an amateur film maker to help us with this. We're looking for something from EVERYONE, so please try and shoot something. Remember: the best things in art are often happy accidents.
And now the technical information:
WE WILL NOT ACCEPT EMAIL SUBMISSIONS. It's that simple! Because your footage may be broadcast, we need you to sign a release form and send it along with your clip in the post. How do you do that?
Just visit www.marillion.com/news/events.htm for instructions, and the full terms and conditions. Everything you need to know is explained there, and we will answer any questions we get on that page as well.
We have creative geniuses standing by and when we've collected all the video moments, we'll edit the most interesting images together into something wonderful.
With any luck, you'll see it when it hits number 1...