29 September 2005
Hurricane Help
Hello Campers.
Big love and respect to all who showed up on the West Coast of the USA for the Los Trios shows. America was generous and uplifting. Thank you.
We've been a bit busy lately so are late in expressing our sincere condolences and best wishes to anyone out there who found themselves victim of the hurricanes in Louisiana and now, Texas. Marillion have family in New Orleans so it's all much nearer to us than you might imagine. Please know that the people of the UK are thinking of you and feeling for you. With the death-toll rising now to over 1000, this is yet another body-blow to our friends in the USA.
To do what we can to help out, our very own Lucy Jordache has put up some of her personal Marillion items on eBay - and we've also added to her pile: collectibles, promos, and other rare stuff from our attics and the Racket Club loft, from previous Christmas CDs and vinyl promos to one-off merchandise proofs and crew-only Bowling Shirts!
Visit the eBay actions at: http://search.ebay.com/_W0QQsassZlucy25170QQhtZ-1
Keep checking the auctions as we will be adding more items over the next couple of weeks.
...And while scouring the Racket Club loft, we ran across a box of 'Anoraknophobia' pre-order special editions. Now, we said at the time that we were never going to sell these, but in this case we hope you'll agree that it's for a good cause! These will be priced at the original 16 pounds, and are only on sale at www.marillion.com/music/albums/anorak.htm - there aren't many, though, so if you missed out on the original opportunity, don't miss your last chance ever!
All money from these auctions and album sales will go to hurricane disaster relief efforts in the USA - so we hope you'll have a look and pick up some lost treasure you've always wanted, and at the same time help out those who have lost so much.