24 August 2005
Mike and his Instruments
Racket Club Studio Update : 
Hi Everyone from a (mostly deserted) Racket Club.
Everyone has headed off for the day and left me to make my own coffee and sort out orders for the 'secret' You're Gone 12" vinyl (we rule in Ibiza!!).
Erik has been sent to Paris for a well earned break. He was becoming VERY attached to his home office chair whilst building the new website over the last 4-5 months. I'm sure you'll agree it's the best thing EVER! Rod is attending a master class for the new Midas KMHJGTY30000 desk. Got to keep up to date with technology. I wonder if he'll get any free t-shirts!!
Lucy is working from home putting the tours together. Its pouring with rain so I think she's got the right idea! Pete is next door in the studio putting some backing vocals over some new tunes with Mike Hunter at the controls.
Its early days but everything sounds amazing. Mikes just asked me to find an Indian Harmonium for part of a song. There is one on eBay which comes with FREE BONGOS! Holidays in Eden was never like this! In fact there are some mad ideas on the songs this time around. We had Rothers playing Dave Gregory's Fender Bass 6 guitar (think Beach Boys/Glen Campbell) a couple of weeks ago. Pure Wichita Lineman!
The Boom Boom Boys have dropped round a rough 'work in progress' copy of the tour documentary this week. Myself, Richard and Erik were crying with laughter. It's the best 'on the road' film I've ever seen and it's STILL not finished yet! You really get a feeling of life with Marillion. I can't wait to see the final version.
Must dash. I'm sure Mike's just mentioned something about a Hurdy Gurdy!