1 August 2005
La Vuelta de Los Trios
The Return of Los Trios!
We had such a successful trip to North America in June that we've decided to come back! Sorry for the short notice but we figured that since our visas (from last year's Marbles tour) run out in September, we might as well make the most of them... Los Trios Marillos will be playing 6 gigs on the West coast of the USA - full dates listed at www.marillion.com/tour
There will be no more dates added so please don't email us with suggestions!
However, if you know any radio stations or even TV stations that would be interested in having us visit for an acoustic set or and interview, let us know. But please ONLY email if you have a contact, don't just suggest places that would be suitable!
As before, we will be arranging in-store sessions at Tower Records, and details will be provided to our website as soon as they are confirmed. There will also be a UK warm-up show at our old haunt The Zodiac in Oxford on 1st September - a limited number of tickets are on sale now at www.marillion.com/tickets
The last batch of Los Trios shows was something else - so don't miss these shows or you'll kick yourselves!
Los Trios