26 May 2005
Los Trios and Much Much More
Band Member Journal : 
Hi there! Thank goodness winter has gone away, although the last few days have been a bit funky weather-wise.
What have we been up to since the convention, I hear you ask. Well apart from spending some time away with Kino (and then recovering from the whole thing), Marillion got back together in the studio to look at some songs and other bits and pieces we had left on the shelf from the Marbles writing sessions (the main reasons they were left off were mainly due to lack of time and space).
We listened back to these demos and rough ideas of the songs and were all very much surprised by what we heard - so much so that we started working on them: refining things and changing parts we weren't happy with. We then got Mike Hunter down to the Racket Club (which is where he is now), and have started recording 5 songs. As we have quite a lot of touring planned for the latter part of this year, we will be writing and recording in short 4- to 6-week periods. The results so far are very good and all are happy at Club Racket. Hopefully 3 or 4 of these will be ready in the near future for what ever we decide to do with them.
As well as this, Steve H, Steve R and myself will shortly be rehearsing songs for our up coming Los Trios Marillos tour around North America. Hope to see you out there!
I will also be finding time on 9th and 10th July to do a couple of shows with Kino. One is for the Classic Rock Society, and the other closer to home at our old haunt the Zodiac. I would really appreciate any support for the Kino clan as it's a jungle out there.
Oh yeah, Bospop and Guilfest are also in July, so it's once again a very exciting summer for us.
I'll be in touch soon.