15 July 2022
Marillion Weekends 2023 Announcement
Hello everyone.
Hopefully you are enjoying this fine Summer weather.  The first six months of this year have been pretty busy with the release of An Hour Before It's Dark and the very successful Marillion Weekends in Poland, Portugal, Sweden, UK and Canada. 

The next six months (after we have taken some much needed holidays), will include our tour dates in the UK, France, Germany and Holland to tour the new album (along with percussionist Luis Jardim).  We are very excited to go on tour and can't wait to see you all again as the response to the new album live shows has been nothing short of astounding!

Next year, we will be presenting our Marillion Weekends again, starting with the welcome return of the 4 night, 3 concert, residential, complete blow-out that is Port Zelande. 

All details of the weekend can be found at www.marillionweekend.com and applications for tickets will open on August 8th (we expect this to be oversubscribed very quickly).

Please take time to read all the information carefully, even if you have been before!

We are not quite ready to reveal the other dates and specific locations, but these will include our first Marillion Weekends in Germany and Italy, a return to Leicester for the UK one, and, hopefully, a weekend in North America and one more location to be revealed.

Lisbon, Stockholm and Lodz will not be included next year.  After 2023, the Marillion Weekends will revert to every two years again (barring any more pandemics!)

With the exception of Port Zelande, we have decided that all future Marillion Weekends will be two nights only (Friday and Saturday) and we will play the 'album night' on the Saturday.

You may have noticed on our recent tours that we have been playing 2 gigs in a row followed by a day off, two gigs, day off etc. This convention season has shown us that we need to adopt to this pattern for future Marillion Weekends too (excluding PZ).

We aren't getting any younger and we need to make this change to keep up the high standard we have set for ourselves and you expect from us. We appreciate that a three night commitment is a big ask for some of you too so hopefully by only playing two nights more people will be able to join us at the upcoming weekends around the world.

Tickets for our Autumn tour are available here:  www.marillion.com/tour

Information on Port Zelande 2023 available here:  www.marillionweekend.com

Have a great summer!

h, Ian, Mark, Pete and Steve