6 June 2022
An Update From Steve Rothery
Hi Everyone,
All three Marillion conventions so far have been extremely memorable in their own ways but the Leicester weekend really was something truly magical. I can honestly say that the Saturday night is in my top 5 Marillion gigs of all time!
If you haven't seen it yet, check out the livestream - CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS
Due to overwhelming demand I'm very excited to announce that I've been able to shoehorn in a couple of UK Steve Rothery Band shows at the end of July in two of my favourite venues!
We'll be playing The Junction, Cambridge on Friday the 29th July - CLICK HERE FOR TICKETS
And the Band on the Wall in Manchester on Saturday the 30th July - CLICK HERE FOR TICKETS
In other news we have more stock of my Postcards from the Road photo book which is now available to order from Amazon and most UK bookshops as well as the Racket store (CLICK HERE FOR THE RACKET STORE).