28 November 2021
Light At The End Of The Tunnel - Thanks
Hello Everyone,
What can we say but a giant THANK YOU!
THANK YOU to all of you who came out to see our shows
THANK YOU to everyone who sat at home and watched the livestream
THANK YOU to our "Lightsavers" who gave us the confidence and security to get
the tour on the road
THANK YOU to the crew for working above and beyond.
We have quite a few weeks ahead of us now until we commence the promotional
process (interviews etc.) for An Hour Before Its Dark and before we start
rehearsing for our Marillion Weekends next year.
We are also pleased to announce that the livestream of the Hammersmith show will
now be available to rewatch until Friday 3rd December - CLICK HERE for details.
We hope you all have a wonderful festive period. We will keep in touch with you
on social media over the next couple of months and we look forward to a much
brighter 2022.
Strap in, get ready!
h, Ian, Mark, Pete and Steve