3 August 2021
Album 20 Pre-Order Announcement
Hello everyone,
It's that time again! And hasn’t it come round quickly?! (er.. well no we guess not).
Nonetheless, it’s time for our now infamous NEW ALBUM PRE ORDER campaign!
We have a title and we have a track-listing but we're not quite ready to share those with you yet – the album cover is being developed and when we start the build-up proper then we’ll be sharing all this information with you. In the meantime, we need to get the pre-order up and running.

Once again, anyone preordering the Deluxe or Ultimate Editions of the album within two months from launch will be thanked, by name, IN THE BOOKLET. 

We are hopeful that the album and artwork will be finished by October and sent off to manufacture. HOWEVER, the album will NOT be released until early next year (date TBC) as manufacturing "lead times” (a long queue caused by current worldwide cardboard and plastic shortages and a scarcity of manufacturing plants) will delay the release. The pre-order will run until we have to start manufacture but we will give you notice of that date when we have it.
We are planning to play one or possibly two new tracks on our ‘Light At The End of The Tunnel Tour' of the UK (not the album name!) in November. Tickets are still available to buy.
We know that these shows are going to be amazing events. We have all waited so long.
We are creating exclusive Special Editions of Album 20 which are available to PRE-ORDER directly from us.
They can all be viewed here.
The pre-order is being run in conjunction with Ear Music and Townsend Music.
There is hopefully something for everyone in all different price-ranges, shapes and sizes.
If you have any QUESTIONS, please, join the discussions on the Marillion Facebook page for Album 20 (which we constantly monitor) if you have any outstanding queries.
We're very excited about this album - it's taken us some years to ensure it's something special and we think it is. We hope over the next few weeks and months to thank you for your loyalty - we will try and keep you in the loop regularly with updates; both by email and at our dedicated You Tube channel.
It’s on its way...
h, Ian, Mark, Pete, Steve