6 November 2020
With Friends At St David's Available Now!
Hello Everyone,
It's been quite a week around the world with elections, more lockdowns and general mayhem. Luckily the new UK lockdown restrictions stipulate that we must work from home unless we cannot. This enables us to continue working together on the new album at our studio which, incidentally, has been equipped for social distancing.
We'll try and do a live Zoom-chat before Xmas and fill you in as to how we're getting on.

In the meantime, whilst you may be sitting at home, we are pleased to announce the release of our concert film "With Friends At St. David's" which was filmed at the end of last year in Cardiff during our "With Friends From The Orchestra" Tour.

CLICK HERE FOR THE TRAILER and remember to subscribe to our YouTube Channel

It's available to buy now at www.marillion.com/shop

And for our UK fans, Steve h recorded an episode of the 'Pointless Celebrities' quiz show on the BBC back in January which is finally going to be shown on BBC One at 5.30pm on November 14th.

“I was teamed up with Heather Small who was very nice and, fortunately, knew a bit more about movies and trivia than I do. Lee Thompson (from Madness) was cool, and it was good to meet Cathy Dennis who wrote “Toxic” and point out that there was a good cover out there by a band called Marillion."

Winter is upon us, and more uncertainty for all, but hopefully "With Friends At St. David's" will provide a much-needed relief! 

Stay safe, behave yourselves, and go easy,

h, Ian, Mark, Pete and Steve