20 November 2004
One World
Band Member Journal : 
First things first. What a year! 4 "top 15" singles including a shocking #7 in the UK chart and a stellar #2 in the download chart. In that sense it’s my most successful year yet with the band and I’d like to express my heartfelt gratitude to all those out there who helped us achieve such heady statistics. Of course, they’re only numbers, …but such beautiful numbers..
Thanks to all who came to any of the shows worldwide on the Marbles tour. If you were there, you’ll agree that the vibe amongst the crowd and the feeling in the band were as fresh as ever. It felt like the "Season's End" tour all over again to me. I really enjoyed playing Marbles live and it was a thrill (and a relief) to watch the audience reacting so positively to our latest “baby”. I’ll never forget the ovation in Montpellier.
Thanks also for all the feedback on my h guest book. I have great fun reading your comments. It’s a battery-charger. If you’ve never been there, just go to stevehogarth.com, say hello, tell me what you’re wearing and what you think of anything at all!
We now have a “break” until the New Year. By this I mean I’m busy doing interviews in connection with the “Marbles On The Road” DVD (which has been very well received) and trying to get some thoughts together for a new h album. Dunno at the moment where this process will lead.. We’ll see. There are also plans for 3 acoustic shows in Spain, Norway and Netherlands. These are fan club shows and I'm sure details can be found here on marillion.com.
In the meantime, I’ll miss you and I’ll try to come up with something new, interesting, beautiful, mad, profound, stupid, simple and complicated. ..Or one of the above..
Happy Christmas and Maximum Joy for ‘05
But most of all. PEACE, Brotherhood, Sisterhood and Sympathy.
One World