19 June 2020
A Few Words From Mr h
Hello all…

Messrs Kelly, Trewavas, Mosley and yours truly are continuing to work in the studio with producer Mike H on song arrangements for the forthcoming album.

STILL early days, but some interesting moods, grooves and moves (not to mention words and tunes) coming slowly together and awaiting the Rothery fairy-dust sprinkles you know and love.

Once Steve feels he can return to the studio we’ll be working on the guitar-based ideas from the jams which have, so far, had to wait in line like the proverbial supermarket queue…

We still have a wealth of ideas to visit and will be doing so across the summer, autumn and winter...

The Corona Diaries

While I’m here I’d like to shamelessly plug my new podcast “The Corona Diaries”.

If you haven’t heard one yet, go an have a listen either at stevehogarth.com, https://the-corona-diaries.captivate.fm/listen, or the usual podcast platforms.

If you’re already familiar with The Corona Diaries then PLEEEEE-ASE click on the link and vote for The Corona Diaries in the British Podcast Awards.

Perhaps I might win!


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It’s keeping me busy…  :o/