3 November 2004
Back From the USA
Band Member Journal : 
Sorry I haven't been communicating much lately - just getting back in to the swing of things after our fabulous North American tour.
We started off flying to Mexico via Washington CD on the same plane as Cat Stevens. That is old news now, but I can honestly say that airport lounges are NOT good places for a quiet night curled up with a book! We should have realized then that it would be an interesting tour.
On the plane to California the air crew decided they wanted our photos - so there we were, dragged out of our seats while the plane was nose down with the pilot going for it big time, and these other two passengers next to me - who were also pilots - desperately trying to get their digital camera's to focus in, zoom, decide if there was enough light and would the batteries hold...
After only the first 2 shows, the audiences were incredible and obviously wanted to enjoy themselves. This vibe followed us through out the tour and the gatherings of familiar faces at the front of shows got bigger and bigger. Each day we would be greeted with familiar faces from recent shows or meet new fans who had just traveled hundreds of miles to see the one show we were playing anywhere hear their neighbourhood.
Then Canada. And my God what a reception. We always knew Montreal would be special - the Spectrum always is - but it was an amazing night, with the loudest and longest cheer I remember ever getting - and at the START of the show after we played Invisible Man!
Well, now I'm back on the planet and trying to arrange two shows for my Kino project with John Mitchell and John Beck. We will be playing in December doing a Live TV in Koln and with a warm up to be finalised. Chris Maitland who played drums on the album cannot make the shows - we will have a drummer but at the moment we aren't sure who that will be!
Hope to see you soon...