6 May 2020
Update from h and Steve Rothery
Heads up inmates!

Just letting you know (if I haven’t hustled you enough already…) that I have taken advantage of the lockdown to launch a PODCAST!

It’s called “The Corona Diaries” and here’s what people are saying about it:

“Ooh that Steve Hogarth is a born entertainer - funny and intelligent! I have never been so enthralled in an audio experience in my life! Highly recommended *****” (Steve Hogarth)

It’s flying off the servers, so other people seem to like it too!

It takes the form of a conversation between myself and my pal Ant Short - just generally rambling on about life, the lockdown, metaphysics, music, lyrics etc.

PLUS a serialised audio-book/type reading of “The Invisible Man” diaries by er.. the author. :o]
New episodes are available weekly on Monday mornings to cheer y’all up in prison.

Click HERE for more details.

mr. h

So, I finally released La Silla, the first track from my ‘Revontulet’ space themed album a few days ago.

You can watch the video for the first part of the song in all resolutions of up to 4K (change the settings option at the bottom right of the Youtube window) by clicking HERE.
The track is available to buy as an MP3, wav or 24/96K wav by clicking HERE.
It’s also available on Spotify, iTunes etc
I’ll be doing a livestream event for Space Rocks on the 22nd May with my friend German Astronaut and guitarist Thomas Reiter.
To find out what’s happening with the album as it progresses and to take part in the surveys to decide the formats I’ll release for the crowdfunding launch on September 28th you can join the mailing list at www.steverothery.com - click HERE for details.
Ok, back to listening to the writing ideas for the new Marillion album which promises to be spectacular!  No danger of getting bored at the moment! ;-)
Stay safe and sane,