19 March 2020
All In It Together
Hello everyone,

Well this is all unexpected isn't it? 

For once, the world actually is "all in it together". We know many of you are facing uncertain times with jobs and health etc and we wanted to reach out to our family around the world.  
Mike (our esteemed producer) and the band are still working on the next Marillion album but have taken the decision to abandon each other and work from home.

Luckily we all have laptops, iPads, home-studios, (spoons, washboards, ukuleles, windows to sing out of..) and there are hours and hours and HOURS of jams to listen through, spanning Jan 2018 until now. There are many interesting ideas in there and we now have time to listen, ponder and be creative in whichever way we can.
Marillion are actually very fortunate that we hadn’t any big tours or conventions in 2020, cancellation of which would have floored us financially.

We still have some hard decisions ahead of us depending on how long this plague cripples everything. We particularly feel for our crew who suddenly find themselves with no gigs or tours happening anywhere by ANY artist.

Let’s hope it’s all over by Christmas!

Some of the world is already in full lockdown and others have restrictions, but almost every country is recommending that you don't go out in the evenings.

"It’s like Doncaster in the 1970’s!" says h. (complaints on a postcard please, not by email)
As you may be aware, a few weeks ago we launched our online streaming service 'The Space' and we have decided to give all of you a free 7 day trial so  you can watch us on the screen if you’re self-isolating or er.. held prisoner in your own home by decree.

Click here for more details.

Happy viewing!

Try not to worry folks - the world has withstood worse than this in the past and a great deal of beauty often springs from adversity. At times like this we find out who our friends are and the most unlikely people can surprise us with love. We know you well enough to be sure you'll look after each other, and we’d like to thank any of you who have already reached out to us and offered help.

Be happy, healthy and kind.

And if the memes flying around are anything to go by, we can at least laugh at the shortage of loo roll.

h, Ian, Mark, Steve and Pete