18 June 2019
Weekend Words & Edison's Children News
Hi Everyone,

Pete here, I just wanted to say how amazing the conventions have been with your unwavering faith and support.

What a vibe you created for us to groove around on top of. You pushed us further than we had gone before and between us I think we created moments of pure magic.

So thank you for that.

Exciting Edison’s Children news.

We have just launched the pre-order campaign for our 4th studio album:

The Disturbance Fields.

Our 4th record is finally finished after all these years and it will be a 68 minute "Epic" concept album (much like our first and second albums).

Joining us for this masterpiece are Rick Armstrong (son of First Man on the Moon Neil Armstrong) on guitars and basses along with Lisa Wetton and Henry Rogers sharing the rhythm and percussion responsibilities.

To see some exciting clips and to get your "Name in the booklet" (cut off is this week), please go right away to:


This coincides very conveniently with the free concert Edison’s Children are playing supporting Alan Parsons.

We are absolutely delighted and honoured that Edison’s Children will be a part of the 50 year celebration of the Apollo 11 moon landing. Eric and I will be joined on stage by our own Rick Armstrong, the son of Neil Armstrong who took those iconic first steps.

Our good friend Lisa Wetton (wife of Asia lead singer John Wetton) will be joined by John Wesley (Porcupine Tree) and his drummer Mark Prator for the concert.

Hope to see you there, or sometime later in the year.