18 January 2018
Brave Deluxe Edition
As you know, Warner Music are in the process of releasing 8 studio albums from our EMI days in deluxe editions. 

Last year they released Misplaced Childhood and now we’re very pleased to announce Brave.

BRAVE: DELUXE EDITION is a 4CD/Blu-ray set and a five-LP version. 

Both sets include a version of the original studio album newly remastered by Steven Wilson, and – for the first time ever – a complete recording of our April 1994 performance in Paris, which has been expanded with nine unreleased tracks.

Newly remixed by F**K Everyone And Run Producer, Michael Hunter, the music includes a performance of Brave in its entirety.

The CD/Blu-ray also features the album’s original mix by producer Dave Meegan; plus 96/24 audio of Steven Wilson’s remix of the album in stereo and 5.1.

Also included are promo videos for the album’s singles, plus a new documentary about the album that includes concert footage and interviews with all of us and Dave Meegan.

It is available to pre-order now and we will be hand signing a special A4 sized print for anyone who orders from us before midnight on February 16th.

Release date is March 9th 2018.

CD / Bluray Box Set

Vinyl Box Set

We hope you enjoy it

Listen Loud with the Lights Off

h, Ian, Mark, Pete and Steve