29 September 2017
Royal Albert Hall Update
With the Royal Albert Hall concert coming ever closer and preparations well-underway, we have been talking with the film crew and they have suggested we try and replicate the magical moment when the crowd surprised us with finger-lights during the end of the song, “Go!”

This was something that happened *spontaneously* at the Marillion Weekend in Leicester and worked so well that the band would really like to capture it properly on film.

So, on the night at the Royal Albert Hall, Ushers will give out little LED lights to ticket-holders as you enter seating-areas in the auditorium. They will also be placed on seats for customers in boxes.

You will be asked not to switch on the finger-lights until the part of the song “Wide awake at the edge of the world”.

We will be playing two sets and we'll be onstage at 7.30pm. We will play this song at the end of set two so you have plenty of time to work it out.

If you weren't at Leicester or don't know what happened, here is a small video of the moment the fans surprised us. Obviously up on stage we will be waiting for it this time, but we’re sure it will be no less beautiful.

We hope you will enjoy being a part of it.

* with more than a little help from Tony Furminger. Thank you.

H, Ian, Mark, Pete and Steve.


There are a few member tickets that have been returned for re-sale for the Royal Albert Hall Concert so please contact the Box Office on 44 (0)20 75898212 if you missed out during the initial sale.