3 May 2017
Marillion Weekend 2017

Just wanted to write something while it’s all fresh in the memory. Thanks to all who came to the de Montfort Hall at the weekend. It was a stellar weekend and the band had a great time (despite the punishing 7 hours+ of music, and 8 hours of soundchecks!). 
However, something extraordinary happened on Sunday night between band, guest musicians and fans, and some strange chemistry came together to conjure something as magical as anything I’ve experienced on stage. Judging by the email feedback that’s pouring in today, you felt it too.
Thank you for the finger-lights during “Go”. I thought I’d slipped out of consciousness briefly into dreamtime. How on earth did you all get that together?!
We must thank Lucy, Stephanie, Rich, and Simon for pulling the weekends together along with our extended (and brilliant) production team and crew.
And I must remind you all of the names of our top-drawer guest musicians on Sunday night.
They were:
String Quartet :Nicole, Meg, Maia, and Annemie - collectively knows as In Praise of Folly  (inpraiseoffolly.co)
(String arrangements: Michael Hunter, Kevin Halporn)
Saxophone: Phil Todd
Trumpet: Neil Yates
and our good friend and occasional  co-lyricist, John Helmer who got up for “Tumble Down The Years”.
Thank you to the fans for “laughing and bouncing off the magic", and bouncing it back. 
h, Ian, Mark, Pete, Steve