10 October 2003
Lots and Nothing
Band Member Journal :
What have I been up to and what do I know? Lots and nothing would be the short answers!
Since the summer I have been working on the Marbles tracks at home in my study/studio. It works like this: Dave Meegan finishes editing his favourite bits and versions of a song together and passes the results on to us. We then go away individually and work on our parts, change arrangements, whatever we feel, really! Eventually everything will be brought back to the studio, so that when we come to record overdubs we can give Dave an idea of what we want to do and how we want it to sound. This saves a lot of time in the long run, as a lot of what we do at home will end up on the album, and we won't need to overdub everything at the Racket Club.
More recently some of you will have noticed me joining The H Band on stage in their jaunt around Europe. It was a pleasure to join steve and his merry band. I had a thoroughly good time as we traveled from city to city in a big blue bus. The shows were all good - although Cologne and London stood out as being the best for me. If you were at any of the shows, thank you for coming along and seeing us. I'm sure - like me - you are hoping Steve will write another "H" album!
Finally, have you heard the name The Arm Band, and do you know what it is all about? It is a name that my new project (with John Mitchell, John Beck, and Chris Maitland) has been saddled with, thanks to Richard Jordan. It is NOT our intention to keep the name, but it is interesting that something made up by Richard for fun has gone around the globe, and people from all over have been asking about the band. Talking to John M he told me that he was asked about it over in Japan recently; and the same thing has happened to me while being out with The H Band! I suppose we must think of a proper name soon, as we have lots of songs to record. Hopefully we will be creating our magic with in the next two or three months.
Well, bye for now and take care!