4 September 2015
Marillion At The Prog Awards 2015

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls (and anyone I've left out...)
Greetings from Castle Frankenstein!!
This email is being written in a warm cloud of heady good feeling, gratitude and, dare we say it, no little pride.
Yesterday we took the Prog mag award for "Best Live Event" for our Marillion weekends this year. We were up against some heavy-hitters (Kate Bush and King Crimson no-less) so the win is most flattering. It happened of course because you came out in force and voted for us. Many, many thanks for that. Everyone here - band, crew, production staff and weekend organisers - are all very chuffed and we'll stick it with the other one! Obviously we're holding out for next year's Oscar for our performance in the PledgeMusic pre-order horror-movie. And while we're on the subject...
Huge thanks once again to everyone who has ALREADY pre-ordered our next album (currently working-titled M18 for all you folks in Yorkshire and Humberside. Don't panic - it'll change). The feedback we're getting through the networks has been amazing. It's always dizzying to watch you react to our news with such energy and commitment. Thanks for understanding our decision to move forward with Pledgemusic for this project. Although together you and we INVENTED the pre-order concept, our success had literally outgrown our operation and we were worried that if we expanded the business any further, we'd have to take our eye off the main thing - the music. The people at Pledgemusic are a good bunch - we're confident they won't let us down.
Work on the new record continues apace now and all five of us are excited about what we have so far. We haven't been as collectively fired up about a record at this stage of its conception for a very long time. Everyone's constantly chipping in with good ideas and Mr Hunter at the helm is doing a great job filtering, focussing and catalysing our creativity. We have never assembled so many hours of jamming for a piece of work. When you finally hear what we have for you next year, we hope you'll agree the wait has been worth it.
Good times in plenty at the moment then for Marillion.
Love and glamour
h, Ian, Mark, Steve, Pete
Watch the Album 18 launch film on our Pledge Music page. www.marillion.com/album18