24 August 2015
New Edison's Children Album

The new Edison's Children album 'Somewhere between here and there' is now available in the Racket Store.


Album Information:

Somewhere Between Here and There is a bridge album to connect you from our last epic to our next while the boys are in the Racket Studio recording the next great Marillion album. What this is, is a collection from our land of misfit songs. These are not your typical Edison's Children tracks... in fact, they have been unable to find a home on any of our albums, past or future. Our music is intended to take you on a journey... picking you up from wherever you are and dropping you off someplace you've never been before. In fact... Edison's Children's next "4th" album is looking to head even more into that direction than ever. These songs however, on this collection... they just don't seem to fit in any sort of "theme" or concept that we were... or will be heading into. Un-apologetically "un-prog" or psychedelic compared to our usual musings. Yet in their own right... we still think are rather fine tracks. Songs that on their own... can be proud to be amongst our grandest Children of Edison though even if up until now,  they have never been able to find their own place in the world. So... we've given them one! And here it is... an eclectic collection of Edison's Children songs and unused mixes and masters from our past... writings that perhaps are like nothing we've ever done before... or ever will again. And for those of you "Longing" for 67 minute songs with soaring guitar leads and 72 part orchestration... we can promise you that by our next Album #4, you will be returned back to your regularly scheduled Edison's programming (aka... the next epic progressive concept album). 
Track List:
Light Years (Single Edit)
Stranger In A Foreign Land
Ever Be Friends
Growing Down In Brooklyn
Someone Took My Heart Away
A Million Miles Away (I Wish I Had A Time Machine)-Live From Wolves UK
The Seventh Sign (Jakko Mix)
The Longing (Mike Hunter Orchestral Mix)
Sinners Minus
Light Years (Jakko Mix)
Light Years - The Fading (Jakko Mix)
The Darkness 
Where Were You (Jakko's "Whisper Ending Mix")
The Second Coming of the Morphlux (John Mitchell Mix)