2 April 2015
H Natural Live Shows 2015
Hello all,
h here again. Twice in a week? Must be after something..
I'm excited to announce three Saturday nights in May! I'll be playing
"h au naturel" at Prog Sud, near Marseille on May 16 AND at Le Divan du Monde, Paris on May 23
Last but not least on Saturday May 30th I'm going underground. I will perform an "h Supernatural" gig in St Michael's Cave, Gibraltar - a natural cave inside the rock of Gibraltar which will provide a far-out subterranean concert hall experience.
I am chuffed to say that I'll be joined on stage for one night only in Gibraltar by my good friend (and XTC and h band stalwart) Dave Gregory on guitar AND by my son Nial Hogarth on percussion. A super natural evening to be sure.
It would be great to see you. Details at stevehogarth.com
Love and... all things natural...
Mr h