28 July 2003
The New Album Campaign
The Marbles Campaign Outlined : 28 July 2003 (Updated 3 May 2004)
After much deliberation, we have finally decided on a name for the new Marillion album - it’s going to be called Marbles. This album will also be a Marillion first - it is a double album! Yes, that's right, a full 2CD’s of new music.
Since we first announced our initial ideas about releasing the album over 8 months ago, we have been flooded with emails full of your comments and suggestions. With help from your feedback, we have now formulated the final plan! As before, sit down with a cup of coffee, as there is a lot to read!
What is the campaign about?
Shortly, we will be putting the new album on sale for pre-order from our website. For every copy of Marbles that is pre-ordered, profits from that sale will go into our Campaign Fund. Using this money, we will take out adverts in magazines that we know our fans read, advertise on radio stations that we know our fans listen to - in short, try to reach all the people who don't necessarily visit our website or receive our eWeb, and potentially reach NEW fans too!
Radio advertising is a very important medium for us, as we are sure you will agree - if people can hear our music then they generally love it. As radio stations will not play Marillion songs (politics and playlist restrictions - DJ's have told us they're not ALLOWED to play our new music!), then this seems an obvious route for us. The Campaign Fund will allow us to take control of our marketing and destiny.
When will the album be finished?
MARBLES is out now!
The Marbles Deluxe Campaign Edition (a 128-page hard-bound book!) is on sale through Racket Records at the special pre-order price of 27.99 UK Pounds (inc VAT). If you purchased the Deluxe Campaign Edition by the end of 31st December 2003 you will be directly helping our Campaign Fund, and as a "Thank You" will we print your name in the album credits*, AND ship the album to you at least a month before the currently planned release date of 3rd May 2004. Remember, this is a double album - 2 full CDs of new Marillion music!
As of 1st January 2004 onwards you will still be able to buy the double album, but your name will not be in the credits and it will not be shipped to you until the release date; but it will still be the Deluxe Campaign Edition special hard-bound book.
For those of you who want all the music but don't want to pre-order and take part in the Marbles Campaign, we plan to release the full double album in a standard CD box for 18.99 UK Pounds (inc VAT) from the release date of 3rd May 2004, available from Racket Records.
The current release date for Marbles is 3rd May 2004. From this date, there will be a 1 CD version of the album for sale in retail shops around the world (the full 2 CD double album will NOT be available in retail shops, only from Racket Records). After this 1 CD version has been on sale in the shops for 1 month, we will make it available through this website.
A major world tour will begin at the end of April 2004, and confirmed dates are available in the TOUR section of this website.
We will also be selling special Marbles Campaign Merchandise, which will also help raise money towards the Campaign Fund. You will also have a chance to enter a special prize draw to win chances to get backstage passes for the next tour and chances to attend listening parties around the world.
As for Marbles, we don't have a full track listing yet, but you will be able to find sound clips and album updates on this website. But one thing is for sure: it WILL be 2 full CDs of new music - it is a double album without a doubt!
Marbles is still taking shape, but the few outside the band who’ve heard it are buzzing. Thanks again to all of you for your faith and continued support.
H, Mark, Ian, Steve, and Pete
* Unfortunately, Marillion/Racket Records will not be able to provide any type of compensation for inclusion, omissions or misspellings of any names in the credit list due to, but not limited to, electronic ordering error, clerical error, and/or lost communication, either written or electronic.