3 September 2014
Update From h
September then! I don't know about you, but I thought July lasted ages, and then August came along and whizzed by in no time. I have a theory that time actually speeds up and slows down. I also have a theory that my sunglasses slipped sideways into another dimension when they disappeared last week. They're in a room in the Universe with all my other vanished stuff - probably never to return.. 
We all popped into the Racket Club today for a meeting with Lucy. Exciting things ahead and plenty of them.. We had taken the last two weeks of August off to have family holidays (hence the speeding up of time and the loss of sunglasses) and so are reconvening this week to resume the jams which will lead at some point to our next studio album. Interesting things coming out, but early days..
I'm going to have to bail out on Friday for an operation on my troublesome right knee (the more observant of you might have seen me occasionally scrabbling about in the shadows trying to put it back in when it dislocates on stage.. (apologies if that grosses you out..) so I figured I'd better get it fixed once and for all. Like Robin van Persie, I may be out for the rest of the season. However, because I'm harder than RVP I'll be back running on it in December. 
Not only that, but..
I have all sorts of solo madness coming up in September and October. 
On September 20 I have agreed to favour the other leg and do a sit-down h Natural show at Wittlebury Hall near Silverstone (where they race the cars). It's a hi-fi show, so even if I'm crap, it'll sound amazing!
The following weekend September 27 I will make my first foray into the rarified world of the Blenheim Palace literary festival. (Ooh get her!) I'll be joining the likes of brainbox atheist Richard Dawkins, Grand Dame actress Maureen Lipman, Downton Abbey's Julian Fellowes and other talents. I'll be amazed if any of them speak to me, but then you never know.. (I have it on good authority that Billy Bob Thornton's currently listening to "Arc Light". Who'da thunk it?)
When they realised I would agree to anything, they asked me to perform a few songs at the piano in addition to reading from Volume 1 of my diaries "The Invisible Man" so perhaps I'll see you at St Mary Magdalene Church at 5.00pm in the afternoon on Woodstock High Street.
Then there are a handful of h Natural shows which I believe are very nearly sold out at my beloved Cavern Club, Liverpool, St John's Church Oxford, and the legendary 100 Club, Oxford St London not to mention quick flights across the water to play in Lisbon, and another literary festival in Gibraltar. 
Would be nice to see you, read to you, talk to you, sing to you, ask you to shut up and listen etc.
Dates below. Lotsa love
Saturday 20 September
H Natural
Wittlebury Hall, Towcester
National Audio Show
Saturday 27 September
St Mary Magdelene Church, Woodstock High Street
Blenheim Palace Literary Festival
Click Here For More Info
Thursday 16 October
The Cavern Liverpool, UK
Click Here For More Info
Saturday 18 October
St John the Evangelist Church Oxford, UK
Click Here For More Info
Sunday 19 October
100 Club London, UK
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Saturday 25 October
Cine-Teatro Encarnação Lisbon, Portugal
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