3 May 2014
Marbles 10th Anniversary

Ah.. Marbles. The last time we worked with the brilliant and wonderful Dave Meegan. Is it our best album? I have no idea. It certainly contains our most powerful and "synchronised" (in terms of words and music) piece of work "The Invisible Man", and our other perennial fave "Neverland", not to mention the brooding and glorious "Fantastic Place" - so it aint bad. And "You're Gone" put us back in the "top ten".
What do I remember?
Running out of time and having 3 excellent talents mixing it at once: Dave M was in the control room mixing "You're Gone" while Mike H was in the studio area mixing "Neverland" while Steve Wilson was in St Albans mixing "Genie" and "Angelina". And that was all in the same day!.. while we scuttled around between locations approving and tweaking. Mental. But not as mental as STCBM when we weren't even on the same side of the world.
Was it ten years?.. No wonder I feel like I've been wrung out... I've been given a lot of Marbles since then. Thank you all. I have plenty now. Did anyone see my last yacht in the Caribbean?