1 July 2003
A Stillness Descends
Band Member Journal :
Backing tracks are all recorded! We've never had so much music - there must be hours of it! Joerg and Alex Backer (who manage The Web Germany fan club) dropped in last week and heard some of the demos. Over dinner they declared that this may well be the best album ever.. Let's hope we don't ruin it!
A stillness has descended on the Racket Club while Dave edits the different "takes" together to grab the best feeling performance of each song. This involves him sitting in the semi-dark staring at a computer screen for weeks on end. Meanwhile, the rest of us can get on with other things. I'll have another long look at my lyrics and catch up with boring stuff (accounts, archiving my Kurzweil sounds, having various business meetings). I might be able to catch a bit of the tennis at Wimbledon..
Not long to go before the Racket barbie, when I'll get to meet a few of you over a chicken leg.. Must try and stay sober and lucid..
More soon. Big Love x