15 August 2013
Marillion Video Competition

Sounds That Can Be Filmed

Last September we released Sounds That Can't Be Made. As it has been almost a year since the release we decided to celebrate this by running a competition for the fans.

We know there are many talented people out there and among them, some budding film makers. We want to see where our music takes you or, to put it another way, we're looking for your help..

All you need to do is choose one of the following songs from Sounds That Can't Be Made and make a video for it. It can be whatever you like - be as creative as you can. But please don't use any copyrighted images in your films, and perhaps steer away from sending us videos of your pets and children (unless, of course, they're part of the creative idea - this isn't "You've Been Framed")

Songs for consideration - Power, Lucky Man, Invisible Ink,
Sounds That Can't Be Made.

Simply upload your film to YouTube and post the link on our Facebook page or on our online forum at www.marillion.com/forum
We will choose our favourite and the winning video will be featured on the front page of www.marillion.com for a month.

If we really, really like it then we might even use it on the projection screens when we next go on tour. This could be the start of a beautiful relationship!

The competition is open to everyone and we hope you have fun - we look forward to seeing what you create.

H, Ian, Mark, Pete and Steve