13 April 2013
Clocks Already Ticking Update

Marillion 'Clocks Already Ticking'


On Friday 12th April at the Marillion Weekend in Wolverhampton we filmed, the show and 'Toward Infinity' and Abbey Road's 'Live Here Now' teams stayed up all night to make a 2 DVD and 3 CD souvenir package which we had it on sale at the venue at 7.03am this morning!

We did this in an attempt to win a Guinness World Record for the World's Fastest DVD release. The current world record is 12 hours and 24 minutes and we did it in 10 hours and 31 minutes! We will be submitting our official paperwork for the claim next week.

In the meantime - you can buy this 2 DVD/3 CD package from our merchandise shop at the Marillion Weekend tonight and tomorrow and from Tuesday from www.marillion.com

Thanks to everyone involved in making this happen.