5 October 2012
Update From The Racket Club

Whilst the band are finishing off rehearsals before flying over for the South America and Mexico tour starting next week (dates at www.marillion.com/tour), we thought we'd take this opportunity to update you on a few things here at Racket Records.

As most of you are aware there have been some delivery problems with the Sounds That Can't Be Made Deluxe Edition CD. We now know that they are landing/ have landed in all countries around the world, so your copy should be with you any day. If you haven't received yours by the 28th day from your shipment email, please email sales@racketrecords.com. Please don't email us before then as we really have no more information for you. We hope that those of you who have received it can see that it's worth the wait. If you still haven't got hold of a copy you can buy one now from www.marillion.com/music/albums/sounds.htm. The album is available from us in Deluxe, Standard CD, MP3 & FLAC versions.

Many of you are emailing to ask when the final part of the Holidays In Zelande box set DVD's will be available. They are being finished now and it's looking like an early to mid November release - we will put details on the website and Facebook when it's all finalised. A multi-region Blu-ray will hopefully be available in late November.

Also many of you are asking if there will be anymore Sounds That Can't Be Made merchandise - well we already have one t-shirt, a mouse mat, a car sticker and a mug. We will also have some new Sounds That Can't Be Made t-shirt designs available very soon.Go to www.marillion.com/music/albums/sounds.htm to view all 'Sounds' related products on one page.

We have put some more US and Canada shows from the recent tour into the download section of the Racket store and we hope to add some from the July dates and the UK shows over the next few weeks.
CLICK HERE to view all available 2012 Downloads.

Copies of the 'Sounds Live' album are still available from LiveHereNow. Recorded & released on the night at the London Forum in September featuring songs from the new album performed live.

Finally our friends at Snapper are releasing Anoraknophobia on vinyl which is available to pre-order here: www.marillion.com/shop/albums/anorak-vinyl.htm

Many thanks

Racket Records