28 May 2012
New Album Updates
This is probably my most favourite time in the recording process, all of the drums are finished and the boys are busy over-dubbing their final parts. It's fantastic hearing tracks that I already thought were great being taken to another level with every new part added.
Just listened to a playback of a track named 'Power', really pleased with the result so far. Hurrah!!
NEWSFLASH: After weeks of rain and grey misery, the sun has just appeared here in the UK...Extraordinary!!


As the summer finally decides to arrive in the shires it is very reassuring to know that I am close to the end of the recording process. All the bass guitar parts are done and I am busy at home recording extra bits and pieces I come up with, such as harmony parts - I was working on one this morning, an extra high bass melody for the end section of one of the songs. The other afternoon we had a listen to all the extra overdubs everyone had contributed to a couple of the songs and it was quite breathtaking to hear these songs sounding so final and like a finished record. It's been a long time coming but when you hear it you will agree it's been well worth the wait.

In an attempt to free-up Mike H for other creative duties, I am working on my master lead vocal performances at my home studio in the roof. Currently on the title track "Sounds That Can't Be Made" which is beginning to sound very powerful and posh. Working on headphones so that I can have the windows open and listen to birds singing in between takes. Bliss.
I think we've managed to redefine, once again, what Marillion stand for, and are capable of. I think this record will AFFECT you.

In my garage studio working on Sounds That Can't be Made. Apparently the sun's shining outside;-) Spent a lot of the last two days dealing with technical hell, really is Sounds That Can't Be Made day today! It's all sounding amazing though. I think it's an album we can all be very proud of.


Just like Mr h, I'm also working on the title track from home. Finding sounds that can't be made in this heat is proving to be a challenge! I may have to stop for a break and enjoy some of this sun in a bit. I'm getting quite excited about the US and Canadian tour too. happy days!



Last chance to pre-order Sounds That Can't Be Made to be in with a chance to win some great prizes www.marillion.com/preorder/index.htm - prize draw closes June 1st 2012. You can still pre-order the album after this date but you will not be able to enter any of the prize draws.