28 February 2012
You Can Be Too Careful

You CAN be too careful..
Mike Hunter is in bed with the lurgy so there has been an unexpected hiatus in the fine-tuning of song arrangements. This gives us a chance to work individually from home which, in my case, means I can have a look at my lyrics again and try and get in amongst the essence.. (Not the 400 word description..). I'm also working at home on a new song about Paris, which may or may not see the light of day depending on whether the band get excited about it.. Sounding good so I'm sure it will turn up somewhere..

We're all conscious of the year ticking away and we'll have this new baby for you as soon as health, inspiration and quality-control allows! It'll be June before we know it and we'll be on the road in the USA. Getting the visas has involved jumping through a lot of hoops and we're not there yet. You wouldn't believe the amount of personal information, aggravation and expense that is required. If they're happy, we'll be granted an interview in London and we'll all (band and crew) have to queue outside the American Embassy from 7.30 am until we're let in. Last time, Mark was almost arrested (by the British cops) for standing in line wearing a hoodie. Ah the glamour! Still, we know you'll be more than worth it, and we still owe you for that American tour-fund which spawned our "better way of life" and everything that followed. Let's hope we're allowed back in!

Officially released worldwide yesterday "Not The Weapon But The Hand" by Steve Hogarth and Richard Barbieri will be available as a digital download on iTunes today. iTunes will be selling an additional brand new song "Intergalactic" which is not part of the CD version. As a thank you to all who pre-ordered the special pack from Racket Records we will send you a link which enables you to download "Intergalactic" for FREE. There are atoms inside you from the edge of the Universe y'know. Can you feel em?

Love and neutrinos

Steve H