15 January 2003
New! Improved! With More CDs!
Band Member Journal :
This year Santa brought me a 400 disc CD player. For little more than the cost of a standard CD player, I recommend everyone should have one. Are you are like me and file your CDs hypothetically instead of alphabetically, and can never find the one you’re looking for? Then, when you manage to locate it, you find that special person in your life hasn’t put it back in the case? Then this is the gadget for you. A useful spin-off is that you get to rediscover all those songs you never think of playing. Load in 400 CDs, put it on random play and enjoy. Of course, if you don’t enjoy what you hear you might want to think about taking some of those old Duran Duran CDs to the second-hand shop.
One of the problems with writing stuff down is the things you write may come back to haunt you. Just reading back over what I’d written last May, I’m slightly worried to see 9 months have gone by and we are still not into recording the new album. Looking on the positive side, Brave took 9 months to write and many people think it’s our best work. With a few breaks, we’ve been at this one a year so far.. Should be a cracker! As you can imagine there are days when we all wonder if we are ever going to finish this album, but most of the time we are positive. It’s only because we want to create something better than our previous work that it takes so long, so please bear with us. On the positive side we do have a lot of good ideas/songs to choose from. I see the problems starting when we have to decide which to leave out and which to take on to completion. There could be bloodshed! :-) We are already arguing about which songs to play at Butlins in March! Some of the songs that don’t make it onto the “main” album will appear on the “2nd CD” so you will get to hear them.
Anyway, if you are coming to Butlins this year you can judge for yourself how the new album is shaping up. If you’re not, I’m sure we’ll post some clips to the website soon.
Take care,