13 October 2011
Update From Pete

Well that was our Indian Summer then...now back to the good old British weather.

The last few weeks have been really productive for the five of us. We went away with Mike H, to a secret location near Bath for a week in residential splendour, and very nice it was too. This wasn't just us finding a way to get out from under our other half's feet, but focused us on a week in the diary that we wanted to work towards. We went away with all of the ideas we have decided would be good enough to include on the next album. These range from various bits and pieces, through verse and chorus ideas, right up to one or two almost complete songs, if we decided to record them that way.
Armed with this musical ammunition we all chose favourites and started working on the ones that had the backing of all five of us. We obviously want to work on songs and music that inspires us all.

After the week away we had something like 10 or 12 musical ideas that we have titles for and loose arrangements of maybe half of them.
We even have a possible title for the album. But more of that at another time.

So on paper it all looks pretty good at the moment. Of course it is always easy to talk the talk and in reality we still have lots of music and lyrical ideas that we will want to work on and not leave out of the pot. But, I think all of us at the controls of the thing would agree it is moving swiftly along in the right direction and that does wonders for a positive mental state and a few less sleepless nights.

Hope to see you on tour somewhere soon.
If not, wrap up warm and keep out of the rain.