14 January 2003
Not Superstitious
Band Member Journal : 
Well it's back to the Racket Club to continue the writing of the new album. Although it occasionally feels like "Groundhog Day" we are moving forward! I'm always baffled as to why it doesn't seem easier to write an album after all this time. I'm not superstitious but it is our thirteenth album and on a bad day it does feel like we're swimming through treacle. Sometimes the most difficult part is agreeing what's good! We all have different tastes in music and it can be hard work sometimes to try and find the common ground - ideas that all the band and Dave Meagan enjoy. We're going to break off from working on the album at the end of January to start preparing for Butlins.
I'm currently no further on with the next Wishing Tree album but I have started cataloguing a few ideas I've worked over the years for a possible solo album hopefully sometime next year. And - shock horror - I've finally started work on my "Postcards from the Road" book. I suppose I've been partly motivated by the success of Jon's book "Separated Out". I've no idea when it will be finished by but I hope to be able to display some images from the book at Butlins.