1 April 2011
Many, Many Thanks...

We had hoped. And we knew it was a big ask.

And so it is with immense pride that we say: Many many thanks to all those who helped us make last week's convention the best one ever. We thank the people in our office who booked the venue, organized the chalets, sold the tickets, booked our flights, arranged our buses, put cheese in our kitchens.. We thank those who ran the museum and the merch stall. We thank the guys who built the tent, who made the stage, who put up the lights and the PA, who put our amps and instruments on stage. We thank the truck drivers who drove it all there and we thank the stage crew who knew what to do and when to help us give you our show. We thank the many men and women of Center Parcs' staff who also made the weekend experience possible.


But most of all.. we thank the people who bought tickets and then came so very far from their own countries to create a village of like-minded souls hell-bent on effortlessly creating an atmosphere and climate of good humoured faith, love and understanding which we know would have blown Woodstock and the so-called "summer of love" completely out of the water.

When I sang "the people here, full of love and comfortable in themselves" on Sunday night, I sang it not as a sentimental ideal, but as a factual reflection of what was going on before my eyes.


Montreal: That's one high bar to clear.. Let's try.


H, Ian, Mark, Pete and Steve