9 June 2010
Messages From The Band

Raining then. Let's hope it stops before the Autumn. We've just finished the second day of rehearsal for the Madrid festival next Monday. All sounding good and coming together nicely. Recently I seem to live in a different house every few weeks and I'm just going home now to this week's Popping up to London tonight to see Crowded House at Hammersmith Odeon. Highly recommended.. 


All back together in the studio for the last couple of days rehearsing for the Madrid Rock in Rio gig that takes place next Monday...Really looking forward to it. Off to Millbrook Race track in Bedford today to drive some fast cars ..Hurrah!!


It was fun today to be playing together again. Ian gets to drive fast cars, I get to go to the PPL AGM. How exciting.....


Rehearsals going well for the Madrid show. I recently posted a video of me playing a blues track from the Bush hall concert I did in December at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XIKtPVHczho Now if we could just get the sun to come back for a few days!

Steve R


It's a sad time for me as my Mum passed away on Thursday. However being around the band and rehearsing for Madrid is helping take my mind of it all.