29 April 2010
h Natural
Greetings. And what a fine spring week we've had! I have recovered from the flu of a lifetime and am back up to fighting fitness!
Lucky that the plague struck when it did and got itself out of the way before the 'Birthday Suit' gigs coming up in May. If you're interested in seeing me "making it up as I go along" on piano and voice, and experiencing my favourite tunes sung raw, then there are still tickets left for London (May 14 - my BIRTHDAY!!) and Sheffield. Liverpool Cavern is sold out.
Go to stevehogarth.com and leave a request on the guestbook!
There'll be a new live CD on sale too, "Natural Selection" - a compilation of my favourite moments from the "h Natural" shows over the past few years plus a special birthday t shirt. Marvellous.
See you soon, loves.