18 February 2010
Update From h And Pete
Mr h in his birthday suit
Hello and wey hey, h happy-heads.
I will be escaping the Marillion bubble again for 2 nights only, to celebrate my birthday - hopefully with YOU on May 14th (birthday) at London's Garage, Islington ..and May 15th (err.. the day after my birthday) , at the legendary Cavern Club, Liverpool.
Don't know what I'm going to do yet but it'll be intimate, organic, and you'll probably have as much to do with it as I have.
I intend to live until I'm 102. So come and celebrate as I step into middle-age!
ps Go to stevehogarth.com, leave a note on the guestbook, say hello, and tell me what you'd like to see and hear. Can't promise, but I'll think seriously about it..
pps You don't have to bring a present.
ppps No cakes - I'm fat enough!
Tickets available via www.marillion.com/tour/index
Transatlantic On Tour
I'm sure many of you know about my involvement with Transatlantic. But just in case you aren't sure what this is all about let me explain.
Transatlantic involves the combined talents of myself, Mike Portnoy from Dream Theatre, Neal Morse Ex Spocks Beard, and Roine Stolt From The FlowerKings. 
We have just recorded and released our 3rd album "The Whirlwind", after a wait of 8 years and are about to embark on a US and European tour.
The music we write and play is very retro looking back to the influences of the great bands of the 70's, but played with the precision and sounds of today. 
If you are interested in experiencing an evening with my extraordinary friends, I would love to see you there supporting me.
Information for all the shows we are playing on this tour are on the website at www.marillion.com/tour/index
Hope you can make it.