15 February 2010
Marillion Live Sale
To give you all a lift in these cold winter months we are having a week long 'Marillion Live' sale in the Racket Store.
We will be reducing the prices on a number of live CDs and downloads for this week only to give you the opportunity to experience some of the best Marillion live shows of the last few years. We have limited quantities of some of these CD titles, so now would be a good chance to get hold of any missing from your collection.
While we are on the subject of limited availability, the Vinyl versions of the 'Happiness is the Road' albums are selling out fast so make sure you don't miss out on the chance to own one of these beautifully presented, numbered Vinyl albums.
For details of the items included in our 'Live' sale visit the Racket Store at www.marillion.com/shop/index or use the links below.
Remember, this sale is for one week only starting Mon 15 February from Midday GMT and ending on Mon 22 February at Midday GMT.
We will be back soon with more information on the writing sessions for album
17 and the first episode of RTV 'Ask the Band' will be coming your way very soon.
The Racket Records Team
Live CDs on sale from £3.99
Anorak in
the UK Marbles
Live Unplugged
at the Walls Friends Family Happiness is
Live Downloads on sale from £3.99
Smoke, Mirrors, Live in Glasgow, Piston Broke, Somewhere in London,
This Strange Engine Live 2007, Zodiac, Brave Live 2002, Popular Music,
Marbles by the Sea, A Piss-up in a Brewery, Christmas at the Chapel
Bootleg Bingo, Live at The Borderline, Live in Caracus,