2 October 2009
RTV Episode 6 - Less Is More
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Today is the official release date of 'Less is more' in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and at Racket Records!
If you haven't ordered the album yet head over to the Racket Store at:
www.marillion.com/music/albums/less to purchase your copy. Or if you still prefer to buy your music from retail shops then it should be available from all good record stores from today in Germany, Switzerland and Austria and from everywhere else (excluding North America and Japan) from Monday. North America and Japan will be releasing the album next month - we'll let you know when we have a firm release date.
Or of course you can buy it from us at most gigs on the tour, along with a fine selection of new t-shirts, polo shirts and other great goodies (all of which will also be available to buy from our website sometime next week)
Episode 6 of Racket Television features an in-depth interview with H, talking about the recording process and the new track 'It's Not Your fault'. It also includes some sound clips.
Today is also the last day of rehearsals for the tour which starts in Brighton on Sunday (hurrah!). We're looking forward to seeing some of you on the road but for those of you who can't make it to the shows remember we will be recording them and getting them up for download if not the next day then shortly after. Keep an eye on the front page of www.marillion.com for details.
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H, Mark, Ian, Pete and Steve
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