17 July 2009
RTV Episode 1 - Unconventional
Transmission begins....
The wait is finally over and we are pleased to announce that the first episode of a brand new project, 'Racket Television', is ready and Broadcasting across the
inter-web as we speak! The plan is to bring you a series of programmes over the coming weeks as we build up to the release of the new acoustic album.
Episode one takes you from the Conventions in Montreal and Holland to early acoustic sessions at The Racket Club. Pete and Mark talk about how the recording process has been unfolding and their hopes for the album.
We bring you a glimpse of the footage from the Marillion convention in Holland earlier in the year and as promised we have a sneak peak of an early sound sketch for a very familiar but surprising track, tune in to find out more!
We will be broadcasting these episodes in HD from marillion.com and on the official marillion YouTube page. They will also be available as free Video Podcasts from the iTunes Store and on our other Social Network pages, see the links below for how to access these pages.
We hope you all enjoy the program, well see you very soon for episode two.
Stay Tuned. Transmission ends...
h, Ian, Mark, Pete, Steve
You can view Racket Television from the following places:
Marillion frontpage: www.marillion.com
Marillion YouTube page: www.youtube.com/marillionofficial
Marillion ilike page: www.ilike.com/artist/Marillion
Marillion Podcast: Via the iTunes store, search 'Marillion Online Podcast'