21 May 2009
Back In The Studio Soon
Hi and welcome to our fabulous summer!
Well, obviously I'm not talking about the UK when I say this. I'm currently here in a very wet and windy part of Buckinghamshire wondering if I'll ever get to cut the grass again.
Since the huge success of our two conventions, we as a band are currently enjoying some time away from each other. I miss them loads but luckily soon we will be back in the studio working on our new acoustic album.
We are all looking forward to getting the chance to rework some of our favourite songs from the last few albums. We have some great songs to choose from and I, for one, am very excited about the whole prospect of this album. It will be great for us to break the songs down and use the acoustic format in creative and unusual ways. It's going to be so much fun and we won't have the pressure to come up with new songs.
Then we get to take it on tour and show off our work.
Before this of course we will be playing a couple of shows in June. The one in Sweden and the one in Sofia Bulgaria.
Maybe the sun will come out and shine on us then.
Hope to see you at one of the shows. 
Ta, ta.
A Quick word from Mark....
While waiting for the sun to shine, I’ve started to twitter. I can’t promise how relevant my tweets will be to Marillion or how long I’ll do it before boredom sets in but if you want to follow my mindless drivel, my twitter name is markke11y.
See you soon
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