15 April 2009
Just Back From Montreal
Hello all,
We're just back from Montreal. Many thanks to everyone who came to our North-American 3 night-weekend at the L'Olympia theatre. We've been inundated once again with email from you telling us what a blast you all had. We had a blast too. It was truly special to be back amongst you all after so many years and to meet so many people who had traveled in from other countries. Just as in Holland, we had our fair share of US citizens, South Americans and Europeans. I must say the noise coming back to the stage from the audience each night really was special and heartfelt.  We all had tears in our eyes on more than one occasion so thank you all, for the emotion.
How we top our two weekends is hard to imagine at the moment.  
Hopefully, we'll think of something!.
Until then.. So long and Adieu.
H, Pete, Mark, Ian and Steve.
Other Racket Records Updates
Happiness is Cologne
It's been a while since our last Racket Records live release on CD, and 'Happiness is Cologne' is proving to be one of our most popular yet. But it also has turned out to be one of the most misunderstood, too!
Since we started the 'Happiness On The Road' live download series, many of you have already downloaded the 'official bootleg' versions of shows you were at. But these are 'Front Row Club' style releases recorded in stereo straight off the mixing desk.
'Happiness is Cologne' is NOT a desk recording. If you were in Cologne, you may have noticed a large array of film cameras and crew at the show. The gig was professionally filmed and recorded to multi-track... 'Happiness is Cologne'  is a fully-mixed (by Michael Hunter) live album audio companion to an upcoming live DVD from the same show!
We weren't going to announce the DVD just yet, but it's getting closer to completion and thought it might help answer the questions we're getting about the CD release.
Hope that explains things a bit more, and now you know you can look forward to a new live DVD of the Cologne 'Happiness is the Road' show coming "sometime soon" (sorry we can't be more specific at this point, though!)